Melcofin’s network to M&A and banking advisors in both developed and emerging markets

We have long-standing links to larger banking or investment banking ‘boutique’ businesses in different developed and emerging markets. Part of this is reflected in Melcofin & Co. having entered into a strategic partnership with Namier Capital, London thus leveraging of strong networks to a senior corporate network and a broad investor base, for example in Northern European countries. Melcofin has as the South African partner joined forces with the international M&A alliance Terra Alliance. This non-exclusive association was founded in 2002 and offers the international resources of investment bankers and M&A advisers operating in the world’s key business centers. The network is comprised of 16 investment banks in 20 countries, primarily in Europe, the United States and the Far East. The close cooperation among members of Melcofin network partners enables us to draw on international resources, the knowledge and expertise of all of the other members and exposure to unique acquisition opportunities being handled by members of Melcofin network. Each member of our partner network brings its local expertise to each transaction, a deep understanding of a variety of industries, connections with the local business community and the ability to transact cross-border transactions.

These networks provide access to strategic groups and financial investors in North and South America, Asia and Europe

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