Provided Services

Supporting Growth Companies
Melcofin & Co. manages a structured capital-raising process for selective early-stage and proven technology companies

Management of capital-raising mandates

Melcofin & Co. manages a structured capital-raising process, M&A advisory services, thus leveraging of a diverse and larger investor base, made-up of smart investors such as family investors, corporate investors, different VC investors operating in both developed and emerging markets.

Scaling up the business model

Together with our cooperation partners Corniche Growth Advisers and Namier Capital Partners and leveraging of different industry experts, we are able to identify and validate the best technology companies in their class and access complementary investor networks. We are able to offer strategic advice on the development of business plans and supporting such technology companies in scaling-up their business model. The idea being to support such technology companies to define growth drivers with the view to accelerate their growth nationally and internationally. Driven by the growth imperatives and the need by larger companies to manage disruption, we introduce technology companies to larger corporates in order to bridge the gap and help both worlds to benefit from one another.

Co-Investment Option

When advising leading technology companies with a proof of concept validated by sector experts, Melcofin members will also consider investing in such businesses in lieu of raising capital and helping such businesses grow.